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5 Effective Ways Chiropractors Treat Sciatica

Written By Pelchat Chiropractic Center on June 7, 2021

Sciatica TreatmentSciatica is caused by compression or irritation of one or more of the five sets of nerve roots in the lower back. It’s a collection of painful symptoms that usually stem from something putting pressure on your sciatic nerve. At Pelchat Chiropractic Center, we have three very effective ways we can treat your sciatica. 

5 Effective Ways Chiropractors Treat Sciatica

Our chiropractors have the advantage of having various drug-free protocols for treating sciatica.

Physical Therapy - The go-to method once your sciatica has been accurately diagnosed and the root cause identified, physical therapy is a good way to strengthen muscles, and reduce inflammation and pain, especially in nerve compression cases. 

Strong muscles keep everything in proper alignment and reduce the risk of compressed nerves. While back muscles are the most important to keep strong, you need a balance of strong muscles from head to toe for the best sciatic pain prevention.

Heat & Cold Therapies - Alternating between heat and cold often provides quick sciatic pain relief. Heat relaxes tight muscles while ice slows blood flow and quells inflammation. 

Chiropractic Adjustment - Depending on the cause of sciatic pain, a customized spinal adjustment might be exactly what you need. If you’ve got a bulging disc or misaligned vertebrae putting pressure on nerves, our chiropractors can manipulate everything back into place.

Spinal Decompression - Another cause of sciatic pain is poor disc health. Our discs are 80% water in our youth. That number declines with age without proper care. Spinal decompression excels at creating extra space to allow for extra fluid and optimal blood flow to the spine. This extra space and fluid takes pressure off your sciatic nerves.

Get the Best Care in Melbourne for Your Sciatic Pain

In addition to the above, we’ll evaluate your lifestyle for potential hidden reasons you might be suffering from sciatica. You need something as simple as adjusting your posture while sitting or standing to make a world of difference. 

By regularly attending continuing education seminars, Dr. Pelchat brings you current and state of the art medical information and treatment methods. He has been trained in automobile injury and on-the-job injury impairment and disability ratings and has extensive training in sports injuries. He is certified by the state of Florida in worker's compensation.

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