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5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc

Written By Pelchat Chiropractic Center on May 5, 2021

Bulging Disc TreatmentYour spine has 23 discs cushioning your 24 vertebrae, providing you range of motion and shock absorption. When your discs develop health issues, you feel it but might not know it, unless you know the signs. Signs and symptoms will vary depending on the spinal region affected.

At Pelchat Chiropractic Center in Melbourne, we want you to know the five signs of a bulging disc and what we can do for you without drugs or surgery.

1 - Pain While Sitting

The human body is designed to stand, not to sit. Sitting cancels out the use of lower body muscles to support your back, putting extra pressure on your spine. So when sitting hurts more than standing, that’s a red flag.

2 - Sciatic Pain

The spine houses a lot of nerves. When a bulge happens on the back side, it often presses on nerve roots. And if you have a herniated disc, that means acidic fluid flooding your nerves and causing lots of pain. Sciatic pain is marked by pain that radiates into your leg, sometimes spreading as far as into your foot. Sciatica typically affects one leg at a time.

3 - Pain Triggered by Specific Motions/Activities

If there’s a specific lifting exercise in your workout, or even if something as basic as coughing or sneezing triggers pain in your back, that’s another red flag. Pulling and pushing are the two most common motions that trigger disc-related back pain.

4 - Pain That Goes Away with Good Posture or Standing

Considering what we described in the first bullet point, it makes total sense good posture and standing can make bulging disc pain go away. Adding all the muscle groups back to the equation, luring you into a false sense of security until you sit back down. 

5 - Muscle Weakness and/or Spasms

Pressure on nerves interferes with signaling. And if you’ve got a herniated disc leaking acidic fluid on your nerves, this interferes with how nerve roots work. Translation: your leg muscles can’t function optimally. The most severe cases can cause loss of bowel or bladder control and require immediate emergency attention.

Get Expert Care in Melbourne for Your Bulging Disc

Even a tiny tear in a spinal disc can cause a painful bulge. We want to put you on the path to healing and help prevent future injury with our array of health services, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and the biggest one for disc health: spinal decompression.

By regularly attending continuing education seminars, Dr. Pelchat brings you current and state of the art medical information and treatment methods. He has been trained in automobile injury and on-the-job injury impairment and disability ratings and has extensive training in sports injuries. He is certified by the state of Florida in worker's compensation.

Have questions or need to schedule an appointment? Give Pelchat Chiropractic Center a call at (321) 242-7721 or go online and fill out a contact form.

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